Assertiveness Skills

Do what matters when it counts.

Assertiveness is a "learned" communication skill set, and the more you learn, the more you can channel your assertiveness skills toward successful behavior. This workshop provides the necessary tools. We'll analyze the pitfalls of passive, aggressive, and passive/aggressive behaviors, and each particpant will get to self-assess with a behavioral quiz during this highly interactive seminar with multiple "hands-on" activities.

With the proper understanding of positive assertiveness, you will achieve a true sense of power and comfort in each and every situation.


Topics Include:
  • Strut your stuff - assertive body language
  • Showing your strength - avoiding victim perceptions
  • The power of your words
  • How to avoid being perceived as "wishy-washy"
  • Winning respect through assertiveness
  • Questioning skills - asking and answering assertively
  • Time management tools using assertion
  • Getting what you want when you need it!
  • Eliminating self-sabotaging habits
  • Confident vs. cocky
  • Gender assertive styles and differences
  • Diplomacy as an assertive tool
  • The courage of your convictions - speaking up with ease
  • Assertive listening (yes, there is such a thing!)
  • Proving your point positively
  • Being assertive in e-mail communications


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