Beyond Customer Service

And that's NOT lip service.

The customer might not always be right, but should always be treated with respect and understanding. This seminar provides a comprehensive look at what people really want and expect in today's self-absorbed climate. The "beyond customer service" tenets of professional client treatment - internal and external - establish a mark of differentiation.

Returning customers are your collateral in the business world, and excellent customer service helps you maintain a strong position.


Topics Include:
  • The top 10 customer service mistakes
  • Turning customer satisfaction into customer loyalty
  • Managing customer service perceptions
  • One voice - the impact of the TEAM
  • Keeping the greeting promise
  • Being approachable and accessible
  • Up front - proactive vs. reactive communication
  • The difference is in the details
  • That sixth sense - anticipating clients' needs, wants, issues
  • Using your skills to be become a proactive "consumer" of customer service
  • Eliminating the "that's not my department" additude
  • Using technology tools to enhance customer service opportunities
  • Customer service etiquette - good manners matter
  • Creating the ultimate customer service leader
  • Raising the bar - customer service "courage"


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