When it comes to customer service, are you proactive?

Monday, 28 January 2013 08:15

No, this is NOT going to be a rant about customer service...well, maybe a little! Admit it, when you hear the expression, customer service do your eyes roll just a little? Of course they do, we all join you in that feeling of customer service…yeah right!

So…what are we going to do about it? Whine more? Well, this is where my story begins. I’m taking a firm stand on letting companies know when and how they have disappointed me and have not lived up to their brand, their promise.

Customer ServiceCase in point…during a recent week of travel the following is what I experienced: car rental – bad agent attitude, car with brake problems and not the car that was requested on my profile (yes, I’m a preferred member, too), hotel (luxury by its own definition) – front desk gave excuses and no apologies for a multitude of problems (keys not working, no soap, clogged sink, etc.) plus a smile and basic civility was not part of their job description apparently, airline – my favorite domestic carrier needs to shape up or ship out certain flight attendants who give no meaning to the word LUV – rude, sarcastic and snarky makes for a long 4-hour flight, restaurant – returning after a few years to what I remembered as superb cuisine only to discover they believed too much of their own press – really the food was horrid (pub food would have been far superior) and they only went through the motions of service while the food remained nearly untouched – hello, is there a problem?

Phew, I feel better! No, not because of putting this into my blog, but because I just finished my last “how thrilled with us were you, tell us about your experience” survey for the car rental, hotel and restaurant and I mailed off a letter to the chairman of the airline.

Complaining to those who can do nothing about our disappointing customer service experience is a waste of time (plus they can usually top our story), so I’m suggesting that to improve our overall satisfaction scores we speak up. YES…be a proactive “consumer” of customer service! Fill out those surveys (I hate them, too) and occasionally take the time to write a letter or send a comprehensive email when the situation warrants.

My philosophy – speak up or shut up...! It can only get better, right?

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