How’s the view from your soapbox?

Wednesday, 30 January 2013 20:15

Per a definition from the American Heritage dictionary…being on a soapbox means “speaking one’s views passionately or self-importantly.” So, we’ve all been on our soapboxes from time to time, right? C’mon, admit it – it can feel so good to express oneself, pontificate a bit, and maybe even lecture to others!

Today I’m practicing mindfulness in the area of letting go and letting be – hopping off of my soapbox for a bit. As I read the news (I’m an admitted news junkie), I’m annoyed by the amount of so-called breaking news reports that revolve around not facts, but assumptions, opinions and people on their soapboxes clamoring for attention.

Michelle ObamaThe fact that our First Lady, Michelle Obama has opted to go with a new hairstyle that includes bangs is well, not newsworthy. Interesting, yes! But it underscores the lack of attention paid to her very worthwhile youth health initiatives, families of soldiers support programs, etc. Where is that media attention compared to the hype her bangs are receiving?

So the fashion/style arbiters are on their soapboxes with their “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down” vote. And while we all have opinions and pass our own internal judgments on EVERYTHING, why don’t we pay more attention to things that matter…things that deserve to be talked about from our soapboxes?

And while on our soapboxes, are we encouraging dialogue or do we dominate with our singular opinion? Do we contemplate, at least briefly, the possibility of entertaining differing points of view? Are we confident enough to open ourselves up to learn from others or is it just too easy to remain closed?

So this brings me to blogging – some call it a platform to express opinions, views, expertise. I agree it is all of the above. But it is also a soapbox in my humble opinion.

I have approached blogging with a careful mind and timid hand on the keyboard. Not because I feel self-important, but because I feel ultimately responsible for each word I contribute, each thought I share.

Yes, from my soapbox I hope to evoke emotions of the need for increased kindness, paying it forward each and every day and letting people be. Simply put…being mindful.

Now, back to those bangs…hmmm, will they work on me?

Your Soapbox!

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