The Super Hero Syndrome...

Wednesday, 26 June 2013 09:15

Who doesn't love and identify with super heroes? C'mon admit it; we all have that fantasy in one way or another! For me, it harkens back to my fascination with the one and only Wonder Woman!


It’s human nature to want super powers at least occasionally, right? And we root for the underdog, the one who is able to surmount unbelievable obstacles and comes out on top. Are you thinking of any recent children’s movies or animated flicks you've seen?

Yes, the obsession with super heroes begins with our childhood yet continues within our grown-up psyche. We envision the ability of jumping high buildings, scaling the walls that surround us while defying all of the odds. Our courage is unstoppable!

Wonder Woman!The recently released Monsters University is an example of those super hero attributes that resonate as well as impress. Behaviors that are showcased in the movie include tenacity, fearlessness, honesty, kindness, courage and humility. The overall belief in oneself and embracing the diversity of others without judgment is at the core of the movie’s theme.

The reality is we need to be our own super hero – first for ourselves with the added extra benefit of influence that we wield by example. Observing the courage that others exhibit can be more than uplifting, it can be a game changer!

Keeping everything in perspective of course, it’s time for me to snap on my bracelets, twirl around three times and spring into action! Care to join me? The world needs a dose of our can-do attitude topped off with a hefty dose of courage…let’s join super forces for good!

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