Can you chew gum, text AND walk at the same time?

Monday, 02 September 2013 10:15

Please allow me to answer my own question…I think not! Personally, I am fully aware that I’m not that coordinated to be able to manage the reading of texts, sending of texts while artfully avoiding/dodging those walking amongst me. And chewing gum is simply out of the question!

Yet we witness people doing the aforementioned on a daily basis, right? And you've had near walking collisions…perhaps of your own doing, correct? And you probably feel frustrated (angry) when the same thing happens to you as you maneuver around those who are barreling toward you with their faces planted in their phones.

Certainly the no texting and driving a vehicle goes without saying although many culprits remain behind the wheel. But we are now experiencing body to body contact that is unwarranted or invited as we walk the streets, the airport walkways, the grocery stores…anywhere you find people!

In recent weeks of traveling I have observed people tripping, have watched food and beverages go flying, heard colorful accusatory language and have seen people sprawled on the ground as they ran into obstacles. Yes, ouch!

Have we determined that we can’t get from point A to point B without giving our full attention to our phones? Can we really rely on our feet and motor skills to keep us out of harm’s way as we only glance up occasionally? And what about all of the people in our midst?

So is it my responsibility to be the defensive walker to ensure they don’t take me down? As we can safely assume people will be on their phones, so unless you want to wear their coffee or mustard-covered pretzel, my answer is YES…be defensive! Watch out for them as they are certainly not watching out for you!

On that note, don’t be guilty of doing the same thing…put down the phone until you can stop walking. And don’t pop your gum!

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Walking while texting.

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