Fall back and then move forward…

Tuesday, 15 October 2013 11:15

Yes, ‘tis the season of change – fall is here in all its glory. Fortunately I live in Ohio where the four seasons come and go in their splendor each year. Personally, fall is my favorite season for a variety of reasons – weather, beauty, temperature, aromas, the clocks fall back an hour, etc.

For many people however, there is a sadness to see summer go. I fear so much so that some miss the fabulousness of fall as they contemplate and delay putting away their flip flops and t-shirts. Of course for those of you living in warmer climates, you have that oh so smug look on your face about now, right?

Well, this blog is less about the fall season and more about being flexible and adaptable to necessary changes in our lives. As some have stated, one doesn’t have to change or evolve…no longer existing is an option. How about that for a kick in the rear!

People who whine about “winter is coming,” “why do we need to change that procedure,” “why is that necessary,” “if it ain’t broke,” “what’s wrong with the way things are” – well, they are the current example of dinosaurs! And their attitudes are exhausting!

Being positive is a choice, but it doesn’t ensure that things are or will be perfect. But as the seasons need to change so do things such as policies and procedures, basic business functions, foreign policy, and even health care. To approach any and all changes with an open mind is less stressful on everyone – give things a chance!

For all of the changes I experience in my life, I remind myself it allows me the opportunity to develop my patience of which I have very little. And it’s not as though I don’t analyze and evaluate the changes as they occur – but I do acknowledge there are certain things over which I have little control. How I play the hand I have been dealt is totally within my control.

And speaking of no patience…the government shutdown – REALLY? Are politicians oblivious to the fact that things are changing all around us? Do they want to stay on track for a better future or remain in the 1950’s? And they have been elected to find the best solutions for us, their public! They need to act like grown-ups having civil discourse with one another rather than being so resistant to change - maybe that’s due to their age (Gen Y may need to step in!)

Me, I’m going to enjoy the changes the fall season brings…I’m afraid our politicians are going to miss the season altogether. We can embrace the changes or cease to exist…! I plan to continue to look for all of the positives in the changes that occur. I will treasure making the most of each day while I continue to not only exist, but also thrive in an ever-changing world!

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Colorful Fall Trees

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