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"Manners are the happy way of doing things."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson.

And it makes me very happy to make available yet another tool for the success of you and your students!


The Collegiate Podcast Series

As you listen, you will learn from the fast-paced Collegiate Etiquette podcast series. You will discover tips for the most talked about and worrisome interview dilemmas. The tips come directly from the mouths of employers who have gone on record stating what they look for during those memorable interview moments. Whether it's mixing and mingling at a career fair, grasping the nuances of appropriate etiquette or surviving an interview meal, we have you covered!

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This series includes the following podcasts:
Collegiate Podcast Welcome
We want to welcome you to our Collegiate Podcast series!
Prepping for the Interview
Preparation is key and too often it's the little thing that goes unnoticed by the interviewee, but stands out to the interviewer that moves one candidate forward and leaves one behind. This podcast references to the all-important attention to detail.
Basic Interview Etiquette
From the interview arrival to the departure, there are etiquette dos and taboos. Learn all about the seven-second first impression, when and how to present your business card, where to sit, the ever-important self-introduction, thank you notes and much more.
The Interview Meal
Because many interviews take place over a meal, table manners need a quick once-over! We cover dining basics and extra tips to impress at the table!
Dressing for the Interview
Tips For Women: Avoiding the fashion pitfalls while presenting a commanding and professional appearance are addressed in this timely and current podcast for today's well-dressed woman.
Tips For Men: Looking the part from head to toe with every aspect of grooming covered will set the contemporary man apart from his competition. Top tips for the well-dressed man are shared candidly in this podcast.
Interviewing Dos & Taboos
Asking questions, answering questions, self-introductions and other tips are addressed to ensure a successful first impression during all types of interview scenarios.
Second Interview Etiquette Podcast
With the first interview behind you, what is expected as you move on to the second round? This podcast talks about the obvious and sometimes not so subtle differences for which to be prepared.
Mixing, Mingling & Networking at Career and Job Fairs
This podcast represents an art to be learned - networking with ease. How to "self-present" in a limited amount of time in a memorable way that resonates with recruiters. Yes, it can be done!
Social Networking
Obvious yes, but some of the social networking dos and taboos need repeating and repeating and repeating! Coming from the mouths of employers we share their thoughts.
What You Say, How You say It and What You Publish
Yes, once it (slang, lazy language, clichés, jargon, disrespect) comes out of the mouth or is published via e-mail or on the web, it impacts one's reputation. This podcast reminds us of the power of a person who possesses a "verbal presence!"
Body Language - Communicating with Confidence
Which signals say you're confident, which signals say you're nervous, when is it good eye contact, when does it become a staring contest, what is considered an appropriate handshake, what resembles a power play, can you ever smile too much? Body language tips in this podcast are sure to help seal the deal!
Intern Etiquette Basics
The need to intern is obvious, but the pitfalls while interning may be more subtle and sometimes ignored. The top areas requiring your attention for the 13-week interview are covered in this podcast.



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