Dealing with Difficult People

How to play well with others.

Dealing with difficult people is something we all dread, and yet are all faced with at some time or another. Often we choose the path of least resistance, or go out of our way to avoid confrontation altogether. However, there are ways to expedite the path to resolution when interacting with those who come across in a demanding and/or difficult manner. In this highly effective seminar, learn how to stay focused, remain calm, and be proactive, while mastering the techniques of dealing with difficult people.

When you know the right techniques, you can "make lemonade from lemons" when faced with difficult people.


Topics Include:
  • Best ways to respond to unreasonable demands
  • Talking to the toxic - and neutralizing the venom
  • Manage the moment - value-added communication
  • Resolution strategies - establish the path to results
  • Taking the high road - when faced with low blows
  • Accurately reading the body language of the distressed individual
  • How to say "no" during challenging situations
  • Keeping cool when tempers heat up - maintaining clarity and composure
  • Specific phrases that work in different styles of communication
  • Effective listening techniques in an emotional situation
  • Keeping on point when they ramble, go off the topic, or try to manipulate
  • Being "Swiss" - remaining neutral when necessary
  • The three Ts - tact, tone, and temperament
  • Accentuating the positive to overcome the negative
  • Turning conflict into cooperation


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