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The business world has gone global, and your international ambassadors must know the subtleties of foreign customs if your company is going to establish a strong world image. Whether hosting an international guest here in the U.S., interacting with global clients, or preparing for the role of an expatriate, our International Panache program provides the “language” for successful business.


Confident Communication
Technology Etiquette Is Not An Oxymoron
Are your tools of technology working for you or do you hide behind them? Would you be labeled as a “shark?” Do your tools make you more accessible in a proactive or interruptive way? This program addresses the "Must Know” in making communication tools work more effectively.
Front Line Office Etiquette
Making sure your front line image perpetuates the corporate brand requires a targeted Office Professionals training focus. This program is designed to ensure that those first impressions project a positive, cohesive message.

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