Golf Etiquette

Along with the ball, some of the biggest deals are struck on the golf course. Make sure you don't "bogey" your next links transaction by knowing what's smart throughout the 18 holes (and what constitutes good sportsmanship when you reach that all-important 19th.)

Win or lose, you'll be playing the game right.


Basic etiquette topics:
  • Planning ahead - timeliness, reservations, and confirmations
  • Knowing the rules (and NOT just those of the USGA)
  • Having your game plan down - the niceties you need to know
  • Talk the talk - understanding golf terminology
  • Looking good on the links - today's dress code on the course
  • Bunkers, divots, impediments, carts, and testy golfers, oh my!
  • The game of golf, the art of networking, and the results of relationship-building
  • The unwritten rules of clubhouse etiquette
  • From tee to green - so many rules, so much on the line!
  • Alcohol etiquette - when, how much, and who pays
  • Being a player without setting foot on the course - even if you don't play, you're in the game
  • Mixing it up - how to make things go smoothly when women and men are on the course together
  • Conversational dos and taboos on the course
  • Raising your game - tips and techniques for better play and advice on where to go for lessons, pointers, and advanced instruction
  • Tournament tips for spectators
  • The etiquette and duties of a host - sponsoring a hole, etc.


A Championship Addition
Take to the "Course" with a Pro

You'll play 18 holes on the course with a former touring pro for "up close and personal" guidance on your game. It's a great idea as a special incentive or recognition award.

This bonus feature can be selected in two formats:


1. As an addition to the classroom seminar, to concentrate on the finer points of your game with a certified PGA instructor.

2. As an alternative to the classroom seminar, where the classroom topics will be interwoven during the course of the game.



To schedule a training or to learn more, please:


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