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If it's new... if it's on everyone's mind... you'll find it here in our Hot Topics.

Because the business world is constantly changing, the skills needed for success change rapidly as well. To help you maintain that competitive edge, DTN Productions International is always exploring new avenues and creating seminars and programs that you want and need.

You can count on DTN to stay ahead of the curve, bringing you the very latest information, technology, and techniques that will keep you at the forefront in the ever-changing world.


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Leading with Distinction

Your leaders should be able to effortlessly present your "brand," and be a true company ambassador at all times. (learn more)

Mixing, Mingling, and Maximizing Your Network

This tutorial will teach you the finer points of networking and mixing and mingling with ease, rather than feeling the possible "attack" of fear when attending those venues.
(learn more)

One-on-One Coaching

Provides intensive, individual attention to employees in pivotal positions within your organization, to help them navigate the land-mines they're bound to encounter.
(learn more)

Golf Etiquette

Make sure you don't "bogey" your next links transaction by knowing what's smart throughout the 18 holes. (learn more)


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