Reputation Management - Building your Brand

  • Perfecting a professional "brand" that consistently communicates credibility
  • Managing public perceptions - how to bring your mission statement to life
  • The top ten pivotal reputation building blocks
  • Mixing, mingling, and maximizing your network
  • Business entertainment - lunches, dinners, cocktail parties - how to showcase your social skills seamlessly
  • Contemporary business etiquette - it's not charm school, but it's necessary
  • Investment dressing - seeing it, being it (and how it looks in the rear-view mirror)
  • Making your "meeting manners" the best they can be - conquering the conference room
  • Technology savvy - managing the tools of accessibility
  • Non-verbal communication - self-assessment and how to read others to ensure the best possible dialogue
  • Casual vs. formal - dos and taboos in the new millennium
  • The "charisma" quotient - the importance of the likeability factor
  • Your presentation style - making it a true reflection of you
  • Contemporary consciousness - understanding today's global business climate, and thinking "fast-forward"
Once you "trademark" your professional identity, you become the BRAND IN DEMAND!



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