Leading With Distinction

Walking the Talk and Teaching the Walk

You want everyone who represents your company to portray your corporate image in a positive light. At every level, your leaders should be able to effortlessly present your "brand," and be a true company ambassador at all times.

With the right skills, your company leaders will command respect through their words and actions.


Most popular topics include:
  • Choosing the right words - developing and expressing a meaningful brand
  • Making a statement - incorporating your mission statement into your words and actions
  • Developing camaraderie to encourage a shared vision
  • The 30-second commercial - crafting an elevator speech that resonates
  • No weak links - making sure that everyone's on the same page
  • Managing the moments - rather than letting the moments manage you
  • Embracing change and incorporating it into your vision
  • No stupid questions - listening to others' ideas with an open mind
  • Walk a mile - understanding other viewpoints and embracing empathy
  • Getting the word out - how to spread your brand message, internally and externally
  • Staying on message - practical tips for meaningful communication
  • From millenniums to baby boomers - communicating effectively with all generations
  • Maintaining consistence - avoiding those hot and cold extremes
  • Analyzing your intentions - once you understand them, you can communicate them effectively
  • Doing the right thing - avoiding equivocation and making sure your actions pass the sunshine test


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