One-on-One Coaching

Before you set up that key meeting or send that representative out to close a "make-or-break" contract, let us help prepare you to shine. One-on-One Coaching provides intensive, individual attention to employees in pivotal positions within your organization, to help them navigate the landmines they're bound to encounter. It's like having a personal trainer, building and reinforcing your business strengths.

Training time per individual includes three two-hour sessions or longer if needed. The training will take place in your chosen environment based upon needs for confidentiality. Each session is customized to your specific needs and requirements, and can include aspects of any of our proven effective seminars from our Signature Series, In Touch Communication Series, or any of our Hot Topics.

Most asked-for coaching topics:
  • Non-verbal communication - Self-identification and interpretation of your personal non-verbal style. What to do (and what definitely not to do) to maximize this means of communication. A non-verbal test will be given to analyze your effectiveness, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Verbal Behaviors - Verbal diplomacy, enunciation, tone, pitch, slang, verbal power, etc. This segment is designed to improve and enhance your verbal presence.
  • Professional business dress - A personal analysis of your individual fashion style to best complement your desired visual image. Accessories, tailoring, selection of quality, investment dressing, business casual, traditional, formal, and grooming will be addressed.
  • Self-presentation - This portion of the program is devoted to the "art of self-presentation." Topics will include effective impromptu speaking, how to make small talk, managing a meeting as a facilitator, how to make an appearance, and listening diplomacy.
  • Business entertaining - The ever-increasing demand of combining business with social events requires that one handle these moments with aplomb. Topics of discussion will include how to avoid dining pitfalls, wine savvy, how to give a toast, cocktail party etiquette, hosting at a sporting event, golf etiquette, etc.
  • Presentation mastery - There's an art to giving successful presentations, and it is a must need-to-know in today's business climate. Both planned and impromptu presentations will be addresses, with emphasis on honing speaking skills and raising the "charisma quotient" during presentations.


The difference is in the details, and our coaching sessions help master them.


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