Do you send thank you notes or does an e-mail expressing your appreciation suffice?

December 2013 – It's “a good thing” to be a humanitarian this season!

November 2013 – It's time to CARE!

October 2013 – Volunteering made easy…Create the Good!

September 2013 – Send a Net, Save a Life!

August 2013 – Making it happen for the children!

July 2013 – Do I hear Christmas bells?

June 2013 – Today’s Evolved Man…The Mankind Project

May 2013 – Giving a “hand-up” - Heifer International – impressive!

April 2013 – Featured on the Ellen Show – PolishedGirlz, compassion that will touch your heart!

March 2013 – Buying shoes, giving shoes for a humanitarian cause!

February 2013 – Let's all share in giving some random acts of kindness!

January 2013 – Start the year with a plan to pay it forward by thinking backwards!

2012 Podcast Series- THE GLOBAL CITIZEN

This year’s podcast focus – sharing the world with greater multi-cultural awareness through knowledge & sensitivity.

December 2012 – Global Christmas Trivia

November 2012 – Test Your Global Acumen – A Few Fun Q&As

October 2012 – Singapore – moving kindness forward...

September 2012 – Understanding the Arab culture and nuances...

August 2012 – Going on holiday or vacation – regardless of what’s called, we all need them!

July 2012 – Staying cool, calm, reserved…can you say, the English?

June 2012 – Mexico – ahh, the land of sol

May 2012 – Russia – the enigma that I can’t see from my house!

April 2012 – Brazil – A South American country with a European touch!

March 2012 – Let's journey to the world’s largest democracy... India

February 2012 – Heading East - Year of the Dragon!

January 2012 – Ethnocentricity

2011 Podcast Series- Mini Manners for Maximum Effect

This year’s podcast focus is on those little things that impact us all making us feel valued or insignificant– what is your effect on others?

Mini Manners- December 2011

You Matter – yes, you do!

Mini Manners- November 2011

Sharing airspace – Who's your neighbor?

Mini Manners- October 2011

Tricks & Treats – being mindful one day at a time!

Mini Manners- September 2011

Tips on tipping – who, when, where, how much?

Mini Manners- August 2011

Elevators, escalators, moving walkways, oh my!

Mini Manners- July 2011

Say my name, say my name - it's all about the importance of names!

Mini Manners- June 2011

Fore! Time to brush-up on the etiquette of the game!

Mini Manners- May 2011

We love our meetings (not!) so how about adding a few manners?

Mini Manners- April 2011

No really, a napkin is not a tissue and other table manners revisited this month!

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