Questioning Skills

And listening with impact.

There's a fine art to posing the right questions and answers that make people understand and remember (both the subject and the speaker.) A question asked with clarity will usually lead to an answer that makes sense and provides necessary information. This highly interactive course encourages and develops the "art" of asking and answers questions to prevent misunderstandings and avoid dialogue pitfalls.

Information is power, and asking questions effectively leads to receiving the most useful information possible.


Topics Include:
  • Types of questions - analyze and respond with greater accuracy
  • Warm, not hot - intensifying questions without creating defensiveness
  • Body talk - what body language signals really mean
  • Testing your "LQ" - how are your listening skills?
  • Producing results by answering with greater effectiveness
  • Building rapport during questioning
  • The art of asking open-ended questions
  • Say it, then say it again - reassure while restating pivotal points
  • Soliciting feedback through questioning
  • Persuasive questioning
  • Unloading "loaded" questions
  • Diffusing hostile questions
  • Getting to the point - asking questions that clarify
  • Interesting questions generate interesting conversations
  • Having an "end-game" strategy - the all-important last question


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