The Consummate Communicator

Winning with distinctive style.

Strong communication skills ensure results and give you a marked advantage in self-presentation. Mastering communication essentials provides a comfort level that stands you in good stead in a myriad of situations. This seminar examines communication skill sets in totality - everything from the art of diplomacy to building interpersonal rapport... e-mail to voicemail.

Knowing what to say, and how and when to say it, is an invaluable tool in all of your interpersonal relationships.


Topics Include:
  • Top three forms of communication
  • Becoming a verbal diplomat
  • Building rapport - bridges instead of walls
  • Honing reassurance skills
  • Assertiveness artistry - confident NOT pushy
  • Listening enhancements - tools of the trade
  • "How" you say it is as important as what you say
  • Embracing empathy
  • The language of leadership
  • Verbal attitudes - and any necessary adjustments
  • Telephone courtesies that count - voicemail dos and don'ts
  • Creating greater accessibility while using time wisely
  • E-mail techniques that complement
  • Technology etiquette dos and taboos
  • Avoiding the use of jargon and buzzwords
  • Gender, generational, demographic, and multicultural communication
  • Communication synergy - reading all the signs


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